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Ruby Wu, Product Designer

Ruby Wu is a synergistic designer who unites design with practicality, bringing people and projects together effortlessly.

I'm Ruby Wu, a UI/UX designer fueled by the desire to bridge people and technology. With roots in Taipei and honing my craft at Carnegie Mellon's Design School, I specialize in AI, VR/AR, and human-computer interaction.

Sociology and Public Finance shaped my understanding of people and systems, steering me towards designing with a human touch. I thrive on creating solutions that are user-friendly and forward-thinking, blending design and tech to improve everyday interactions.

My work spans VR/AR systems, digital rentals, and property platforms. With skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and C# for Unity, I craft experiences that are not only functional but also engaging.


Driven by the potential of design to connect and elevate, I'm on the lookout for opportunities to innovate within the tech landscape. Currently, I’m actively looking for 2024 full-time position.


Empower through connections

My passion for product design lies in empowering others to solve real-world challenges and fostering meaningful connections along the way. Crafting narratives and shaping experiences is where I find true happiness in my journey as a product designer.

Embrace the unknown

Embracing the unknown is my superpower. Acknowledging that there is always more to learn, I humbly seek opportunities for growth and never let ego hinder my quest for knowledge and improvement. At every step, I am open to seeking the help I need to maximize my potential.

Create values

"Value-first" is my guiding principle as a designer. Understanding that our purpose is to bring value to products, businesses, and users, I prioritize creating tangible value in every design decision I make. This approach ensures the positive impact of my work and drives successful outcomes.





Visual Designer, UI Prototyper  |  CMU HCII Hammer's Lab + Honda

Feb, 2023 - May, 2023

  • Worked in CMU HCII Hammer's Lab, and created weekly game design prototypes using expert input from data visualization for client stakeholders.

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UI / UX Product Designer  |  Taikoo Motors Group, Swire Group

Feb, 2023 - May, 2023

  • Entrusted with market research, A/B testing, usability testing, and design iteration of a car trading platform.

  • developing team.Curated user flows, guidelines, information architecture, and functionality for Carguru app with

  • Boosted user engagement by 18% through analyzing data from user research.

UI / UX Product Designer  |  iStaging,. Corp.

Sep, 2021 - Oct, 2022

  • Led cross-platform referral strategies spanning both VR and  mobile devices to drive revenue goals.

  • Directed UX design for 12+ projects in VR/AR products by applying research and interview insights. 

  • Gained leadership and product management skills by crafting 24 product roadmaps, prioritizing  features within timelines, and working closely with developing teams.

  • Established accessible brand visual and 3 UI design systems aligned with Vue.js to streamline design and ensure smooth future updates.

UI / UX Product Designer  |  iStaging,. Corp.

Mar 2022 - Apr 2022

  • Served as the UI Designer, orchestrating web/mobile UI design for Tesla's rental systems.

UI Intern  |  OH!Bot,. Co.

Apr 2021 - Jun 2021

  • Attained UI design skills by assisting to develop StyleGo back-end website pages.

  • Worked closely with a Senior Designer to design and build software applications to launch web and mobile app for beauty salon matchmaking systems.



Master of Interaction Design  |  Carnegie Mellon University

Expected May 2024

HCI/UX/AI/VR/AR/Agile Development


Bachelor of Sociology  |  National Chengchi University

Taipei, Jun 2017 - Sep 2021

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