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Ruby Wu, Product Designer

I'm Ruby Wu, an experienced UI/UX Designer from Taipei, Taiwan, with over 3 years of hands-on product design expertise. Currently, I am elevating my skills at Carnegie Mellon University's renowned Design School, focusing on AI, VR/AR, and human-computer interaction research.

My background in Sociology with a minor in Public Finance ignited my interest in human behavior and social structures. However, my passion lies in crafting user-centric and sustainable solutions, propelling me into the dynamic realm of design, technology, and human interaction.

Throughout my career, I've led projects in expansive design systems and bespoke enterprise experiences across sectors like VR/AR, vehicle rentals, property leasing, and system administration platforms. My proficiency extends to front-end design languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, enabling me to deliver versatile and impactful design solutions. I also established C# programming skills for Unity, to explore richer experiences in both virtual and physical worlds.

I am particularly drawn to futuristic, clear, and immersive designs that enhance user experiences. As I delve deeper into AI and human-computer interaction research, I aim to create innovative solutions that merge cutting-edge technology with seamless user interactions.

I am looking forward to connecting and exploring collaborations in the exciting world of technology and design.

My Value

1. Empower through connections

My passion for product design lies in empowering others to solve real-world challenges and fostering meaningful connections along the way. Crafting narratives and shaping experiences is where I find true happiness in my journey as a product designer.

2. Embrace the unknown

Embracing the unknown is my superpower. Acknowledging that there is always more to learn, I humbly seek opportunities for growth and never let ego hinder my quest for knowledge and improvement. At every step, I am open to seeking the help I need to maximize my potential.

3. Create values

"Value-first" is my guiding principle as a designer. Understanding that our purpose is to bring value to products, businesses, and users, I prioritize creating tangible value in every design decision I make. This approach ensures the positive impact of my work and drives successful outcomes.

I specialize in

Working experience


UI / UX Product Designer  |  Taikoo Motors Group, Swire Group

Feb, 2023 - May, 2023

  • Entrusted with comprehensive design of car wash and used-car trading platforms at Swire Group.

  • Served as official website designer for Harley-Davidson Taiwan.

  • Curated design blueprint, guidelines, information architecture, and functionality for primary app Carguru.

  • Achieved 25% increase in user duration through post-launch optimization.

UI / UX Product Designer  |  iStaging,. Corp.

Sep 2021 - Oct 2022

  • Uncovered product opportunities enhancing financial inclusivity; increased engagement rate by 32% and session duration by 27% for VR Maker, per GA insights.

  • Directed UX design for 12 projects in VR and 3D Business Units, encompassing research insights, ideation, detailed design, and design rationale articulation.

  • Crafted 24 product roadmaps, outlining functionalities within set timelines.

  • Established brand visual and UI guidelines.

Contract UI Designer  |  USPACE., Co.

Mar 2022 - Apr 2022

  • Served as the primary UI Designer, orchestrating web and mobile interface design for Tesla's rental systems.

UI Intern  |  OH!Bot,. Co.

Apr 2021 - Jun 2021

  • Attained UI design skills by assisting to develop StyleGo back-end website pages.

  • Worked closely with a Senior Designer to design and build software applications to launch web and mobile app for beauty salon matchmaking systems.



Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh  |  MA of Arts in Design for Interaction

Aug, 2023 - Aug, 2024


National Chengchi University, Taiwan  |  BA of Sociology - Major, BA of Public Finance - Minor

Sep 2017 - Jul 2021

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