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AR View

Make a bridge over traditional 2D LiveTour and AR context!

Frame 91883.png


AR Tag is a new type of tag for VR Maker users to see product in 3D models, and project in AR scene in the LiveTour. On the editor side, the host can upload their product 3D models by simply filling URLs from AR Maker. With AR Tag, users are able to view a more comprehensive product in a immersive showroom, and see what the product looks like in the real world without physically having it in hands.



06/2022 - 07/2022



Researcher, UI Designer

User Interview

An user interview is conducted beforehand to investigate using background, extent of demands, prototype opinions, and cost preferences. The interview includes EMEA team, representing the luxury industry, clients from the wood machinery industry and the 3C electronic industry. The interview results are probed into VR Maker-related and AR Maker-related respectively, marked with the following yellow and pink colors, for further discussion between the 2 BUs.

Frame 1826.png

User Interview Result Draft

Personas & Solution Chart

Firstly, we interviewed EMEA team, Guild of the wood machinery industry , and executives from the 3C electronic industry, to gain a broad view of the possible user scenario of the AR tag in VR environment. Probing deep into the demand of our users, and defining the intersection of the problem, our team divided existing users into groups who have similar using scenario but in different industry. A persona is built based on each group of the users, with behaviors and 3D modeling scenarios were thoroughly investigated and described.
Feedbacks regarding viewing experience, user interface and loading speed were later defined clearer by value and effort in the chart, marked with three colors representing different BUs.

Persona of 2 types of users

suggestion chart.png

Overall user thoughts

define the problem.png

Define the problems

UI and Interaction

Based on the problems defined, we came up with the design of single tag and multi tag with AR button serving as solution. ( Check prototype ) When user click the “view in 3D” button, the model pops out without background and with clearer tool button below. When user click the “out of 3D” button, the tag pops back with fluid customed spring animation. Tutorial and AR projection are now shown without background, too. Users stay in the same immersive page and are able to bounce back to the 3D model or the tag more quickly.

UI of single tag and AR model in viewer (web)

Group 1903.png

UI of single tag and AR model in viewer (mobile)

Final Mockups

Frame 91879.png

AR model in single tag (mobile device)

Frame 91885.png

AR projection using ipad

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