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Homo Rudens

Collection of my digital art!


Back in college, designing was just one of my hobbies. I started making graphics with iPad. I thought it’s super fun to turn my ideas into something concrete. Little did I know that the skills I picked up back then would completely transform my career later on. I will show selected works of my past creations later. Enjoy!







What's "Homo Rudens"?

"Homo Rudens" is actually the combination of the term "Homo Ludens" and my name "Ruby". "Homo Ludens" is a book originally published in Dutch in 1938 by Dutch historian and cultural theorist Johan Huizinga, who discussed the importance of the play element of culture and society, and play is primary to and a necessary (though not sufficient) condition of the generation of culture. My concept of "Homo Ludens" and the theory of Huizinga were introduced by the professor from my sociology major in college. Though I'm not the master of sociology, but I was  deeply impressed by the intention of creating things as a game, without any material interest or profit gained from it. Just like I created artworks without anyone teaching me to do so - just for FUN.

My Style

To be honest, I had spent a lot of time ruminating what kind of style best represents "me". I draw conceptual illustration and manga characters. I also do sketch and paint. To me, it was hard to "settle down" and focus on only one art field, and it was just as hard to share my works only in certain forms and topics. Therefore I decided to share them all on my Instagram account without any clear categorization, and I created them out of interest or doing a favor for a friend. After spending years sharing all kinds of work, I found there's a type of art - doodles, I enjoyed the most during the process because I wouldn't think of any criticisms toward my works, and I just wanted to create it out of a simple intuition - share the whimsical ideas in my daydream. 

Day after day, I shared my doodles more and more, and people started to notice my works. Based on the mindset of creating art just for fun", I finally named my account "Homo Rudens" and continuously share my works.

My Works

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