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Seminar in immersive meta space!

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Webinar is an attached function that help people start their online meeting in the VR LiveTour space. People can browse the attendance members, public / private chat and send files in the chat room, all in an immersive environment.
As the lead researcher and sole designers of the project, to optimize the Webinar function, I conducted the interview to make personas and did the cognitive walkthrough, building wireframes and personas with the approval of stakeholders and clients. Finally, the results are tested by usability test including cognitive walkthrough and Heuristic Evaluation.



03/2022 - 04/2022



Lead Researcher, Sole Designer

Brand Identity

Bitty Casting is a company dedicating to create small and powerful software tools that help better storytelling and collaboration for creatives. With that said, the design should be simple, clear, clean, lightweight, presentable and engaging. The product should provide an effortless, intuitive and smooth user experience.

Typography and color theme

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My biggest takeaway from this project, apart from sharpening my design/dev techniques, was the taste of entrepreneurship. I gained hands-on experience about how to bootstrap a business, make rapid progress in a small team, and keep iterating the strategy and product through repetitive testing and customer validation.

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