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A Gift for a Wedding


Used Illustrator to make a visual design piece & turned it into different tangible forms


Visual Designer


Visual Design





03/2023 - 04/2024
2 month


This is a design project I created for my good friends Adrian and his husband Lee, who were getting married and moving to Australia for a few years. Along with another friend Chen, we decided to create a meaningful design to give to them before their departure. The design was created as a painting, two mousepads, several stickers, and a stack of postcards, with the hope that they could carry our love with them as they embark on their future together.

Design Style

I drew inspiration from both hand-drawn and digital art styles, while also incorporating Adrian and Lee's favorite types of art. Ultimately, I decided to create a cartoon-style design using Figma. For the color scheme, I chose earth tones that they both loved, to showcase the beautiful landscapes they had seen during their travels to different parts of Taiwan, Australia, and other islands. These colors were also used as the main theme for their wedding.

Stories Behind

There are many shared memories between Adrian and Lee that were incorporated into the design. Since this was a secret surprise gift, we had to collect their photos and accessories in advance. Adrian's roommate helped us gather photos and items, such as sneakers, clothes, hats, and bags. We also recorded their story of how they met, fell in love, and explored the world together, by talking to their friends and family. We incorporated all these elements into the design, such as how they met at an indie band concert, traveled to Australia together, adopted a stray cat, and plan to fly abroad in the future. These elements were embedded in various corners of the design, creating a unique and meaningful gift for Adrian and Lee.

Photos gathered for inspiration

Elements in Design

In the design, the two characters depicted are Adrian and Lee, and their beloved pet cat Gugu stands beside them. The background on the right side depicts the scenery and tent from their camping trip on the Australian Outback, while the left side showcases the setting of their initial encounter at the Dakan Port Singing Concert. A building on the left side represents Adrian's house in Taipei, and a plane symbolizes their upcoming trip to Australia. The various accessories worn by the two characters are all commonplace items in their daily lives, seen in both the scorching heat of Taiwan and the vast Australian Outback.

Finally, the sentence and the date in the bottom of the painting are from one of Adrian's Instagram post which he posted to tell his friends that he met someone and fell in love. The date is when their wedding held in Tainan, Lee's hometown.


Photo of the painting in the wedding​

Final Outcomes

In the final product, the design was resized into various everyday items that Adrian and Lee frequently use, such as mouse pads for gaming, stickers, postcards, and framed paintings. Chen and I wanted to ensure that even if the two of them fly to Australia and may not see each other for a while, our love and design can accompany their travels and let them know that they always have friends and a home in Taiwan.

貼紙(A4 整張).png

Adrian and Us

Below is the photo of Adrian, Chen and I with the painting in the wedding. We're so glad that we've sent our love through the design. :)

Adrian and us.jpg
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